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This is a list of stub types and templates. The purpose of having multiple stub types is to help contributors find articles that fall within their area(s) of expertise.


Proposing new stub types[edit]

If you think that a new stub type not currently on this list is needed, or if a current stub type should be split into more specific, propose it on the discussion page for review by one of the administrators. Please no not simply create a new stub type and add it to this list; it will most likely be removed.

Proposing stub types prior to their creation also enables us to determine whether the stub type is needed, whether it clashes with existing stub types or structure, and whether it is correctly named.

List order[edit]

Please note when adding new templates to this list that the order within each category is as follows

  1. general stub message
  2. alphabetically by type of article sorted (not alphabetically by template!)

Relationships between stub types[edit]

The parent-child relationships shown in the listing below reflect the relationship between categories into which each template places the article to which it is affixed. Multiple parentage is indicated by the presence of small text describing child stub types that appear elsewhere in the listing. This is done to eliminate duplication of stub counts, which inevitably leads to different values for the multiple listings of the same stub type as a result of human error.

Stub messages and templates[edit]