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Notability is a requirement for Pensapedia articles to avoid trivial subjects and "vanity pages."


The standard of notability is applied to living persons in particular. Examples of groups who might qualify as notable include:

  • media personalities
  • elected officials or upper-level non-elected government figures
  • prominent community leaders/activists
  • upper management in notable companies/organisations
  • business owners
  • those prominent in their fields (chefs, attorneys, etc.)
  • newsworthy individuals (including criminals, lawsuit plaintiffs/defendants, etc.)


Businesses included in Pensapedia should be limited to those with an actual, verifiable storefront, or those with other significance or tenure. For example, an article about a non-notable person's start-up dog grooming business would not meet these standards.


Articles on addresses should be limited to those which are commercially or historically significant, or lie within core historical districts such as downtown Pensacola.