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Pensapedia:Listing your business

Pensapedia can be a valuable tool for local businesses, and we encourage business owners and employees to create and maintain an article about your company with thorough, accurate information. Please use the following tutorial and guidelines.

Information vs. promotionEdit

Pensapedia has a strict neutral point of view policy, so business articles should avoid text that is blatantly promotional in nature. Phrases that make unverifiable assertions of quality ("…widely known for its excellence…") or imply superiority to other businesses within an industry ("…the best widgets available…") are unacceptable. However, awards and professional recognition may be included with cited references.


Infoboxes are a convenient way to provide basic information about an article at the top of a page. We have created a standard infobox that will suit the needs of most businesses. (Some industries, like restaurants, have their own specialty infoboxes.) To incorporate an infobox in your article, copy the text below and paste it at the very beginning of your article.

{{Infobox Business

You may fill in the appropriate information after each equal sign. If you need to use a line break, use the code <br/> instead of hitting return. If you are the copyright holder of an image or logo, please consider submitting it into the public domain by using the tag {{PD-self}} when uploading the file. For logos, PNG files with transparent backgrounds are preferred. All fields are optional and will produce no output if left empty. See the example below:

Wiki markup What it produces
{{Infobox Business
|name=John Appleyard Agency, Inc.
|logo=[[Image:AppleyardAgencyLogo.png|200px|center|Appleyard Agency logo]]
|caption=Appleyard Agency office
|industry=Advertising & marketing
|location=[[Cordova Square]], Suite 34<br/>4400 [[Bayou Boulevard]]
|established=[[February 2]], [[1959]]
|founder=[[John Appleyard]]
|owner=[[Dick Appleyard]]
|revenue=$9+ million
|hours=Monday - Friday<br/>8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
|phone=(850) 494-2194
|fax=(850) 494-0289
|mapcode=<googlemap lat="30.467725" lon="-87.203851" zoom="15" width="288" height="200">
30.467272, -87.20384, [[Appleyard Agency]]
John Appleyard Agency, Inc.
Appleyard Agency office
Industry Advertising & marketing
Location Cordova Square, Suite 34
4400 Bayou Boulevard
Established February 2, 1959
Founder John Appleyard
President Dick Appleyard
Gross revenue $9+ million
Hours of Operation Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone number (850) 494-2194
Fax number (850) 494-0289
<googlemap lat="30.467725" lon="-87.203851" zoom="15" width="288" height="200">

30.467272, -87.20384, Appleyard Agency </googlemap>