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Pensacola State College (usually shortened to Pensacola State) is the name for an umbrella of multiple community colleges in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County. The college's slogan is "You can get there from here."

The main campus, located in Pensacola, was opened in 1948 and was the first institute of higher learning in the town (University of West Florida would not open to a full class of undergraduates until 1983). PSC quickly expanded to include a Downtown Pensacola campus in 1957, and a Milton campus in 1971. A mini-campus opened on Naval Air Station Pensacola in 1981. A final branch in Warrington rounded out the five-location junior college system.

Currently the college offers a two-year transitional program in conjunction with the University of West Florida. This is the most popular program among students, many continuing on to a bigger university setting after two years at PSC. PSC operates WSRE, the only PBS member station in town.

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