Pace Boulevard

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Pace Boulevard
previously known as O Street
North end: Palafox Street (US 29)
Massachusetts Avenue
Herman Avenue
Fairfield Drive
St. Mary Avenue
Jordan Street
Cervantes Street
Jackson Street
Garden Street
Barrancas Avenue
South end: Pensacola Bay

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.432394" lon="-87.241745" width="288" height="275"> 6#B2E15259 30.458903, -87.239459 30.456794, -87.240179 30.45574, -87.240274 30.454945, -87.240274 30.451726, -87.239621 30.450875, -87.239587 30.441496, -87.239985 30.432764, -87.240563 30.420626, -87.24123 30.416149, -87.241593 30.411856, -87.241678 30.401232, -87.242303 </googlemap>

Pace Boulevard is a major north-south thoroughfare in West Pensacola.

Pace Boulevard in its current configuration starts as a spur of US 29 (North Palafox Street) at Massachusetts Avenue. Palafox continues southeastward into the heart of downtown Pensacola while Pace Boulevard veers south, eventually terminating just south of Barrancas Avenue, at Bayou Chico.

Pace Boulevard carries Florida State Road 292 from its northern terminus until the intersection with Barrancas, at which point 292 continues westward on Barrancas.

Historically, Pace Boulevard was known as O Street and Pettersen Avenue.[1] At one point, its northern terminus was at Fairfield Drive (Pottery Plant Road). In 1953, the City designated O Street as Pace Boulevard from Barrancas Avenue north to the City limits, in honor of James G. Pace.[2]

Major intersections


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