Newsom's Music Center

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Newsom's Music Center was Pensacola's first in-mall 'head shop', and located approximately at the midway point of the northern end of Cordova Mall, on it's western side.

In addition to selling records and tapes, Newsom's carried Yamaha guitars, sheet music, guitar strings and picks, capos, harmonicas and kazoos, incense, belt buckles, novelty smoking pipes and roach clips, rolling machines and papers, flavored snuff, fragranced oils, rock t-shirts, concert tickets, black and white posters, celebrity banners, lava and party lamps, pop/mod jewelry, 'worry' stones, onyx eggs, and even had two walk-through tunnels with several dozen blacklight posters adorning the walls.

It was a must-see for hippies, and those who aspired to be.

After a little more than fifteen years in business, Newsom's Music Center closed in the 1980's.

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