Navy Boulevard

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US 98.png
Navy Boulevard
East end: Pace Boulevard (at Garden Street)
W Street
Chiefs' Way
Old Corry Field Road
New Warrington Road
Highway 98
Gulf Beach Highway/Barrancas Avenue
Sunset Avenue
South end: NAS Pensacola

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.393311" lon="-87.263374" width="300" height="250"> 6#B2E76672 30.411863, -87.241733 30.412242, -87.250905 30.411983, -87.25348 30.40982, -87.266979 30.409281, -87.269616 30.408504, -87.271719 30.40697, -87.273889 30.405489, -87.275348 30.404379, -87.276206 30.401899, -87.277193 30.39146, -87.278438 30.390218, -87.278457 30.384036, -87.278071 30.382205, -87.277837 30.37441, -87.275496 30.373262, -87.275582 30.370765, -87.276506 </googlemap>

Navy Boulevard is a major thoroughfare connecting Pensacola to Warrington and NAS Pensacola.

Navy Boulevard begins at Pace Boulevard within the Pensacola city limits; east of Pace Boulevard the thoroughfare is known as Garden Street. From Pace, Navy Boulevard travels in a generally southwesterly direction until it meets New Warrington Road, at which point Navy Boulevard takes a southerly course, terminating at the main gate of NAS Pensacola.

Somewhat unusually, Navy Boulevard is divided into three directional sections: West Navy Boulevard, from Pace Boulevard west to New Warrington Road; North Navy Boulevard, from New Warrington Road south to Gulf Beach Highway/Barrancas Avenue; and South Navy Boulevard, from Gulf Beach Highway/Barrancas Avenue south to NAS Pensacola. South Navy Boulevard serves as the dividing line for several thoroughfares in the Warrington area, such as Sunset Avenue.


Before 1950, the road now known as Navy Boulevard was called Admiral Murray Boulevard in unincorporated Escambia County and Garden Street within the City limits. A May 1950 resolution by the Board of County Commissioners designated the County portion of the road as Navy Boulevard;[1] the City followed suit in June 1950, renaming the portion of Garden Street west of Barrancas Avenue as Navy Boulevard. This was later amended to west of Pace Boulevard.[2]

Highway carriage

From its intersection with Highway 98 northeast to Pace Boulevard, Navy carries US Highway 98 and the concurrent Florida State Road 30; east of Pace Boulevard the two designations are carried by Garden Street. From its intersection with New Warrington Road south to NAS Pensacola, Navy carries Florida State Road 295.


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