Nathan Monk

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Father Nathan Monk is a homeless advocate and civil rights activist in the Gulf Coast area. He was born on August 18, is married and has two children. His church, Saint Benedict Mission ( is a provisional mission of the Eastern Orthodox Church. His congregation has protested the fundamentalist Independent Baptist groups who preach hellfire in front of Seville Quarter, concerts at the Civic Center, and most notably, a counter-demonstration in front of Emerald City during Memorial Day Weekend preaching tolerance and love. While socially liberal, his doctrine is conservative typical Orthodoxy. He can be seen under the I-110 bridge on Lee street passing out hot meals to the hungry, giving out blankets during freezes in Plaza Ferdinand, and hanging out at HopJacks with his wife talking to people. He is most noted for standing with his Feed the Poor sign in protest of the anti-panhandling laws. He created a GOFUNDME page and scammed many people out of money four years ago on a so called project for the homeless. He took the money and ran.