Napoleon Bakery

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Napoleon Bakery (often called Napoleon's) was a bakery located at 101 South Jefferson Street in downtown Pensacola. It was opened as part of a project called " The French Corner" when a group of french nationals all opened shops in the Jefferson street building. In the first years of Napoleon Bakery there was a restaurant, a clothing store and, of course, the bakery. The bakery was originally owned by Roger and Christiane Vallin and Jean Brugiere. Later it was sold to Pierre Kaufke and then later purchased by Wanda Pitzmann and her husband Wolfgang Pitzmann in October 2002. They reopened the store as Pitzmann's European Bakery in March 2003. In 2007 the shop was again sold, this time to Angela (Holsworth) Johnson who apprenticed for years and worked for the original owners Roger Vallin and Jean Brugiere. It is still open and located at the original address. Now called Reverie bakery cafe, but many in the city still recall the business' original name and often one will hear them say "It is the old Napoleon Bakery"