Main Street

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Main Street
west end: Barrancas Avenue
Palafox Street
east end: Alcaniz Street

<googlemap lat="30.407081" lon="-87.223549" type="map" zoom="13" width="288" height="250">

  1. 758bc5

30.405979, -87.237797 30.405785, -87.236445 30.405397, -87.227604 30.405369, -87.226446 30.406322, -87.220652 30.40734, -87.215652 30.408376, -87.210009 30.408339, -87.209065 </googlemap>

Main Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola. Its western terminus is at Barrancas Avenue; from there it travels easterly uninterrupted to Alcaniz Street, at which point the roadway becomes Bayfront Parkway. From Palafox Street eastward to Alcaniz, Main Street carries Florida 196.

Notable places