La Rua Street

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La Rua Street
Former names: 2nd Street
west end: 65th Avenue
east end: Bayou Texar
Namesake: John de la Rua

La Rua Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola. Primarily a residential street, La Rua traverses the Old East Hill and East Hill districts, and continues into West Pensacola. La Rua Street is named in honour of John de la Rua. Before streets north of Wright/east of 8th Avenue were named, that part of La Rua Street was 2nd Street.

The main span of La Rua runs from Grandview Street in Brownsville easterly to its terminus east of 20th Avenue, near the mouth of Bayou Texar, with one-block interruptions between W and V Streets and R and Q Streets. West of the city limits, a small segment of road between 61st Avenue and 65th Avenue is also signed West La Rua Street.

Portions of La Rua in Old East Hill are paved in red brick.