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L&N Marine Terminal Building

The L&N Marine Terminal Building is a two-story structure at 207 East Main Street, at the corner of Barracks Street, adjacent to Bartram Park.

L&N Marine Terminal Building
Florida Public Archaeology Network currently occupies the L&N Marine Terminal Building
Building Information
Location Commendencia Street Wharf
Moved to 207 East Main Street in 1972
Client L&N Railroad
Engineer Alexander Vice Clubbs
Current Owner State of Florida
Completion Date 1902
Renovations 1972 (moved and rebuilt)
Size two and a half stories
A historical photo of the Marine Terminal in use

The building was constructed in 1902 at the Commendencia Street Wharf, its design inspired by Rafford Hall. It served as a major terminus for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad's lumber and coal export trade between the time of its construction and World War II and became the Port Authority office in 1959.

In 1972, the building was disassembled by Theophalis May and moved to its current location on Main Street. On August 14 of the same year, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places for its significance to the transportation industry and to maritime history.

It was occupied by Quenby Mitchell's Secondhand Rose consignment boutique for many years until damage from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 forced the business to close. After extensive renovations in 2006, it reopened as the coordinating center of the Florida Public Archaeology Network.

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