Kupfrian's Park

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Kupfrian's Park
Entrance to Kupfrian's Park
Entrance to Kupfrian's Park
Size 288px
Operated by Defunct
Location Between Pace Boulevard and J Street
and Avery and Blount Streets
<googlemap lat="30.429693" lon="-87.238312" zoom="16" width="288" height="250">

30.429323, -87.237582, Kupfrian's Park </googlemap>

Kupfrian's Park was a recreational area in 19th and 20th century Pensacola develloped by Conrad Kupfrian.

Kupfrian's Park was roughly bordered by the following modern-day streets: North Pace Boulevard to the west, West Avery Street to the north, North J Street to the east, and West Blount Street to the south. Much of that land is now occupied by Pensacola Retirement Village. The pond that is still extant on the site was once in the infield of a half-mile dirt track used for horse racing, completed in 1874.[1]

T. T. Wentworth described Kupfrian's Park as follows in his Pensacola Picture Book No. 3 (1965):

Kupfrian's Park was a very famous place in these early days and was used for horse races, fairs, and picnic grounds. Kupfrian's Park covered several acres and was Northwest of the City of Pensacola on the outskirts of the City. The grounds were covered with massive oak trees, excepting the race track which was a circle on the back of the grounds. Kuprian's Park was very popular in the early development of the City and old-timers now can recall those wonderful days.[2]


In addition to the horse track, the park contained a beer hall, dance pavilion, band stand, and many benches and tables for picnickers.[3] The park was also filled with many large oak trees, some of which are still standing in the area.

Boxing matches also took place at the park:

Henry G. Klink and Billy Adair will engage in a glove contest at Kupfrian's park, Sunday, 28th inst., for the gate receipts. Besides this there will be several bouts between lesser lights.

—"Glove Contest in Sight", Pensacola Daily News, February 17, 1892.

Modern-day neighborhood[edit]

Residents of the area, now more commonly called Kupfrian Park, have teamed up with the Escambia County Health Department to make use of the Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE-EH) program in order to improve lighting, sidewalks, and drainage in the neighborhood.[4]

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