Jefferson Street

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Jefferson Street
north end: Chase Street
south end: Pensacola Bay

<googlemap lat="30.409005" lon="-87.213421" type="map" zoom="14" width="288" height="250">

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30.414372, -87.214687 30.409431, -87.213485 30.409412, -87.213635 30.408783, -87.213442 30.405952, -87.212799 30.403675, -87.212294 </googlemap>

Jefferson Street is a north-south street in downtown Pensacola. Jefferson begins at Chase Street and runs southerly to the bay.

Originally extending north only as far as to Government Street, Jefferson was extended north to Garden Street in the late 1940s, and again extended north to its present terminus at Chase Street in 1982.