Jackii Weissman

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Jackii Weissman
Born January 24, 1922
Dothan, Alabama
Died February 3, 2005
Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola
Occupation co-owner, Trader Jon's
Spouse Martin Weissman
Children Cheri Weissman, Dahl Burke

Jackii Rosalind Bond Weissman (1922-2005) was the wife of Martin "Trader Jon" Weissman and co-owner of the Trader Jon's nightclub.

Weissman was born January 24, 1922 on a farm in Dothan, Alabama, one of nine children. She left school after the sixth grade, but went on to teach at a local schoolhouse.

She moved to Miami Beach, where she met Martin Weissman, who owned a bar there. They were married and moved to Pensacola, opening the Trader Jon's nightclub on January 1, 1953. Jackii operated the business with her husband, and they lived for a while in the building's second-story loft. She occasionally employed her artistic talents at the club, painting a portrait of Ernest Hemingway on the Palafox Street sidewalk and scenes of Paris inside the bar, near the Blue Angels museum.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer in the 1980s, losing a lung and surviving a number of heart complications. According to her daughter Cheri, "She defied nature and people in the medical profession. She never mellowed out as she got older. She loved being with people until the very end."

Weissman passed away on February 3, 2005. She was interred next to her husband at Barrancas National Cemetery.


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