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Hilary Street
West end: West of South D Street
East end: South Reus Street

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.411189" lon="-87.224879" zoom="15" width="300" height="250"> 6#B2758BC5 30.410452, -87.230107 30.410439, -87.229519 30.410379, -87.228404 6#B2758BC5 30.410995, -87.221682 30.411217, -87.220287 </googlemap>

Hilary Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola that exists in two short spans.

Hilary Street begins west of South D Street and continues east one and a half blocks to South C Street. At that point it is interrupted for several blocks, resuming at South de Villiers Street and traveling one block east to its terminus at South Reus Street. This small one-block span is unpaved.