Fort at Pensacola

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Fort at Pensacola
1764 plan of the fort
1764 plan of the fort
Present-day Downtown Pensacola
Type Polygonal fort
Built 1764-1765
Controlled by Great Britain
Present status No longer extant
Joseph Purcell's 1778 plan of Pensacola, featuring the fort

The Fort at Pensacola was a fortification constructed under British rule atop the previous Spanish Presidio San Miguel, in what is now downtown Pensacola.

Initial plans for the fort were submitted by Major William Forbes on January 29, 1764, a few months after British forces arrived in the city. Surveyor general and engineer Elias Durnford arrived on October 21 of that year, along with governor George Johnstone, and prepared a plat for the development of the fort and surrounding city, which was completed in early 1765.