Florida State Road 196

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Florida State Road 196
Main Street/Bayfront Parkway
west end: Palafox Street
east end: Chase Street (eastbound)
Gregory Street (westbound)

Florida State Road 196 is an east-west route in downtown Pensacola comprised of Main Street and Bayfront Parkway.

Florida 196 begins (unsigned) at Main and Palafox Street and runs eastward along Main Street until its intersection with Alcaniz Street, after which Main Street becomes Bayfront Parkway. Florida 196 eastbound continues until it merges into US 98 at Chase Street. Florida 196 westbound terminates at Gregory Street, where US 98 and Florida 196 diverge at Five Flags Plaza.

Reassurance shields

  • There is a westbound reassurance shield located near Five Flags Plaza.
  • There is an eastbound reassurance shield located at Main and Barracks Streets