Ericka Boussarhane

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Ericka Boussarhane
Ericka Boussarhane
Occupation Celebrity and Professional Psychic Medium

Ericka Marcia Boussarhane (born August 2, 1973 in Pensacola , Florida is an American author, radio personality,public speaker, professional psychic medium and energy healer. She was featured on SYFY Television Ghost Hunters Season 5 Episode 22 during the Pensacola Light House episode. She is currently touring with Night Management as a Paranormal speaker at events with such guests as Chris Fleming from Biography Channel's Dead Famous, Chip Coffey from A & E TV's Paranormal State Psychic Kids,Christopher Moon from Biography Channel's Door to the Dead ,Chris Fleming from Biography Channel's Dead Famous,Chris Dedman from A& E's Paranormal State,Brian Harnois from Scifi Channel's Ghost Hunters andGhost Hunters International, Patrick Burns from Court TV's Haunting Evidence, John Zaffis and John Oliver from Court TV's Haunting Evidence [Door to the Dead]]


She hosts "Whispers from the Heart Radio" weekly to a international audience on the CBS Broadcasting Network . Ericka has interviewed such guests as John Zaffis, Jeff Baker , Sonia Choquette , Rosemary Altea, Glenn Klausner , Psychic Medium Carole Lynne, Michelle “Babs” Babiarz,Christopher Moon , Sandy Anastasi, Loyd Auerbach and Rita Straus Berkowitz .


Ericka Boussarhane states that she has had paranormal experiences since childhood. In college, she began reading Tarot at age stores, psychic festivals, and on TV. Ericka now has her own practice offering readings. She makes regular (weekly) radio appearances and lectures throughout the Us.She brings Pensacola Para Con and the Circle of Life Expo to Pensacola each year.


  • Sam and the Boogie Man ISBN 978-1438931074


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