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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.429286" lon="-87.197371" type="map" zoom="14" width="300" height="300"> 4#B254B25D (#4C5FBB6E) 30.437019, -87.188272 30.436427, -87.191706 30.436298, -87.193272 30.434188, -87.205052 30.428527, -87.203808 30.427768, -87.208207 30.419275, -87.206297 30.420552, -87.198915 30.42157, -87.192779 30.421459, -87.189603 30.422181, -87.188079 30.425937, -87.188766 30.426806, -87.190547 30.427916, -87.190247 30.430118, -87.191169 30.433781, -87.186019 30.43713, -87.188165 </googlemap>

East Hill is a neighborhood in the City of Pensacola west of Bayou Texar.

The boundaries of East Hill are not definitively set and are subjective. The official boundaries of the East Hill Neighbourhood Association are somewhat more exclusive and narrow than most Pensacolians would define East Hill as. The EHNA boundaries include all that is both east of 12th Avenue to Bayou Texar and between Lakeview Avenue to the north and Belmont Street to the south, as well as that which is both west of 12th to 9th Avenue and between Lloyd Street to the north and Belmont to the south.

A video tour of East Hill is available at PensacolaForYou's East Hill Pensacola page.

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