Clara Barkley Dorr House

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The Clara Barkley Dorr House
The Dorr House in Historic Pensacola Village
Building Information
Location 311 South Adams Street
Client Clara Barkley Dorr
Current Owner West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc.
Completion Date 1871
Style Greek Revival
Size two-story
<googlemap lat="30.409459" lon="-87.210438" zoom="17" width="288" height="200">

30.409489, -87.210256, The Dorr House </googlemap>

The Clara Barkley Dorr House is a historic Pensacola home located at 311 South Adams Street, adjacent to Seville Square. It was built in 1871 by Clara Barkley Dorr, the widow of lumber tycoon Eben Dorr.

On July 24, 1974, the Dorr House was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places. It is currently maintained by West Florida Historic Preservation, as part of Historic Pensacola Village, and serves as the University of West Florida President's home.


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