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Cevallos Street

Cevallos Street is a north-south street in downtown Pensacola.

Cevallos Street
Former names: Gloucester Street
8th Avenue
north end: Romana Street
south end: Zaragoza Street
Namesake: Pedro Cevallos

Cevallos Street currently runs for just three blocks, from its southern terminus at East Zaragoza Street north to East Romana Street. It is part of a primarily residential block.

In 1906, the City of Pensacola designated all of then-Cevallos Street and 8th Avenue as "Cevallos Street."[1] In 1963, the span was renamed "8th Avenue."[2] In 1983, at the request of the Historic Pensacola Preservation Board, the City renamed the portion between Romana and Zaragoza Streets to the original "Cevallos Street," while the "8th Avenue" name is retained north of Wright Street.[3]

The street is named for Pedro Cevallos, Secretary of State under Spanish Kings Charles IV and Ferdinand VII.

British PensacolaEdit

In British Pensacola, what is now Cevallos Street was called Gloucester Street.[4]


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