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Title page of a Bliss' Quarterly from 1898.

The Bliss magazines were a series of magazines, generally published quarterly by Charles Henry Bliss, and called at various times Bliss' Magazine, The Bliss Magazine, and Bliss' Quarterly.

Bliss also wrote and published other magazines, including a monthly magazine called The Sunny South, and subtitled "a monthly magazine of song, story and progress." Another series, published weekly, was titled Common Sense, and subtitled "Devoted to better social and industrial conditions."

An ad which Bliss ran in during his campaign for reelection as Pensacola's mayor claimed that Bliss has "published more literature favorable to Pensacola than any other man, living or dead," going further to state that, "[Bliss] has, during the past ten years, printed ten handsome magazines filled with the finest of cuts and choicest of literature, which have found their way to every city in the world and done more than all other efforts combined to make Pensacola favorably known."[1]


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