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Building Information
Location 113 Seamarge Circle
Client William Alexander Blount, Sr.
Current Owner Larry and Lynn Morris
Completion Date 1905
Style Southern plantation
Size Three stories
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.393589" lon="-87.249309" type="hybrid" zoom="17" width="300" height="275">

30.393127, -87.249206 Seamarge </googlemap>

Seamarge was the name of William Alexander Blount, Sr.'s 13-acre estate and the 28-room house which it surrounded. Blount built the estate in 1905, and equipped it with stables, a greenhouse, servant quarters, and a private rail station.

Today, only the house, which sits on 1.37 acres, remains of the original estate; the surrounding land has been sold off and developed by others. Jon and Linda Johnson owned the home from 1986-2001. The Seamarge house is currently owned by Larry and Lynn Morris.