Pickens Avenue

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Pickens Avenue
North end: East Lakeview Avenue
East Cervantes Street
South end: Chipley Avenue/Pensacola Bay

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.429138" lon="-87.180977" zoom="14" width="288" height="250"> 6#B2758BC5 30.436057, -87.181063 30.422514, -87.182329 30.421866, -87.182114 </googlemap>

Pickens Avenue is a north-south street in East Pensacola Heights. It is named either for Fort Pickens, or its namesake, Revolutionary War hero Andrew Pickens. Prior to 1963, Pickens Avenue was named Blount Avenue.[1]

Pickens Avenue runs from East Lakeview Avenue southerly uninterrupted to its southern terminus south of Chipley Avenue at Pensacola Bay.


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