Pensacola city elections, 2006

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The City of Pensacola held an election on November 7, 2006 All nine Pensacola City Council were up for election; however, only three seats were contested. In cases where no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, a run-off election was held featuring the top two vote-getters. City Councilmembers are elected to serve a two-year term.

A run-off election was held November 28, 2006, to decide the District 2 seat.

All races are nonpartisan. Incumbents are marked by (i).

Pensacola City Council[edit]

District 1[edit]

P. C. Wu 2,379 74.3%
Bob Walker 822 25.7%

District 2[edit]

Paul Young 1,027 46.4%
Sam Hall 958 43.3%
Stephen Kolokouris 227 10.3%

District 2 Run-Off[edit]

Sam Hall 479 61.7%
Paul Young 297 38.3%

District 3[edit]

Mike DeSorbo 1,979 54.7%
Jerry Howard 1,638 45.3%

District 4[edit]


District 5[edit]

John Jerralds 1,331 55.5%
Willie J. Curry 614 25.6%
Gloria A. Wiggins 455 19%

District 6[edit]


District 7[edit]


District 8 (At-large)[edit]


District 9 (At-large)[edit]