Merchants' Hotel

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Merchants' Hotel
Illustration of the Merchants' Hotel from the Wellge map.
Building Information
Location Southwest corner of Government and Palafox Streets
Current Owner M. Kryger
Jacob Kryger
Size Three stories

The Merchants' Hotel was a hotel on the southwest corner of Palafox and Government Streets (currently a parking lot). It is noted with illustration on the Wellge map of 1885, at which time M. Kryger was the proprietor.

A 1905 business directory indicates that the hotel was in operation beginning in at least 1882:

MERCHANTS HOTEL – Has a capacity of 42 guests. Rooms rent at the rates of $2.50 and $3.00 per day. Mr. Jacob KRYGER has conducted the house for over 23 years and is assisted by his chief clerk, Mr. C. J. BELL.

It was later called the Gilbert Hotel.

The building was demolished in (date needed).

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